We’ve been creating vision system solutions for 15 years.

That experience led to the development of the Oclea suite of products - the base building blocks of a Computer Vision system. 

Our Design Partners are ready to help you with any technical challenge you have; to shorten your development cycles and help you to get your product to market faster.


Talk to us and our Partners today about your specific needs.

We love solving complex problems

Engineering teams from our Partners can be booked by the month to accelerate development of your Computer Vision project.


Three dedicated teams are available to take your projects to the next level.

  • The Hardware Team: Able to design and develop and produce custom PCBAs. Full mechanical and industrial design. Liase with suppliers and manufacturers for volume production.
  • The Application Team: Able to develop embedded firmware, software applications, cloud services. 
  • The POC team: Able to take your complex idea and produce a Proof of Concept in the absolute shortest time to present internally. 


The following services can be booked:

  • Image Tuning. The in-house, fully-equipped image lab is run by experienced Machine Vision and Edge AI engineers. Full lens, imager and calibration auditing services are offered.
  • Manufacturing. Manufacturing partners will be supported through the provision of training and calibration equipment.
  • Support. Different levels of support are available, based on products, applications or time. 

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The Advantage of Working With Us

Fast Time to Market

With over 15 years of experience in imaging and vision systems, and by leveraging our off the shelf range of Oclea Vision Components, you will be able to shorten your development cycles, resulting in faster time to revenue for your new product.

Computer Vision & AI

A tailored approach can be offered to solve your CV-AI problem. We can use an off-the-shelf solution or, for more demanding applications, we can recommend one of our specialist partners with dedicated in-house teams for training and model optimization. 

Image tuning

Optimising image quality performance for your product is critical for vision-based applications as it affects accuracy, reliability, and quality. Together with our partners, we have over a decade of experience tuning the Ambarella ISP, and a full in-house image tuning lab. ISO compliant testing services for Automotive and Security applications are offered separately. 

Small Form Factor

It is not only the requirement for high performance, and low power consumption, but also small sizes that make optical and vision system design challenging. Our Partners are the experts in the miniaturisation of cameras who know how to balance the trade-offs that make this possible

Hardware Design

Complex PCBA designs can be engineered to power your product.  Taylor made housings ready for production to complete your product can be designed. 


Together with our Partners, we can help you manage large-scale mass production without losing quality control. Together, we work directly with trusted manufacturers and provide them with: training on how to produce your product; advice on the right equipment to buy; and how to integrate our automated product testing system so you have complete visibility wherever you are. Ensure your product ticks all the boxes with our proven assurance program.