Oclea Camera Modules

Oclea™ Camera Modules allow for easy integration of a high performance camera system into any product requiring a vision subsystem. Each Camera Module package combines a number of interconnecting PCBs to create a fully functional camera system. 

The Oclea Zeus and Janus Camera Modules reduce time-to-market and development cost for products that require a vision-based subsystem. Example applications include IP cameras, access control solutions, kiosks, machine vision and products integrating video recording or streaming.

At the front end of the system, the Oclea Image Sensor PCBA paired with your lens feeds the digital video input interface. A number of image sensors ranging in resolution from 1 MP to 12 MP are supported including both global and rolling shutter options. 

The camera's baseboards provide the additional peripherals that make up a full camera vision system, including I/O, communications, storage and connectors.

The optional PoE (Power-over-Ethernet) PCBA enables GigE Ethernet as well as a high current output driver for controlling external devices such as lighting and door locks on both cameras.

Oclea Janus Camera Module

Powered by the Oclea S5L μSoM for professional, consumer, and battery-powered IP cameras.

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Oclea Zeus Camera Module

Powered by the Oclea CV25 μSoM best suited for next generation of intelligent devices combining advanced image processing, high-resolution video encoding and CVflow® computer vision.

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