Ambarella's advanced imaging solutions make cameras smarter by extracting valuable data from high-resolution video streams. We have been working together for more than 14 years delivering best-of-breed imaging solutions across millions of devices.

Since 1981 FRAMOS is an Imaging Expert, Trusted Advisor, and Vision Solutions Provider. Our partnership with FRAMOS enables Oclea customers to benefit from their wide range of off-the-shelf and customised image sensor modules.

ams OSRAM is a global leader in optical solutions. Our integration with ams OSRAM sensors and VCSEL technology opens up new opportunities in logistics, security, and robotics.

Powered by AI and leveraging the latest advances in deep learning, Paravision’s industry-leading computer vision software is trusted globally by security device manufacturers, solution providers, systems integrators, and financial services firms to deliver frictionless experiences and comprehensive safety and security.