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Oclea™ by Teknique is an Ambarella-based computer vision ecosystem.

As an Ambarella™ AI Envisioned™ Preferred Partner we have worked in the last 15 years on computer vision solutions for leading global brands across a range of industries.

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The Oclea

Oclea enables developers to jump-start the integration of computer vision and Edge AI into next-generation camera designs.

We've created a turnkey development environment that is proven, fully customizable, cloud-connected and ensures you get your products to market faster.

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The Oclea
Product Advantage

In the race to create computer vision-based products that turn data into innovative solutions, you need to minimise the hurdles to surmount.

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Low Power, High Performance

Ambarella processors consistently outperform competitive solutions in power efficiency - sometimes by 5x or more - while delivering equal or superior results.

Fast Time-to-Value

By leveraging our Oclea Evaluation Kit (EVK) with System on Modules (SoMs) and our Software Development Kit (SDK) incl. Cloud Vision System Building Blocks, you can get your products shipping in 5-6 months, not 12 months.

Supplier Ecosystem

Take the risk out of production. We provide an ecosystem of proven suppliers, partners, and manufacturers. From prototype, through pre-production, to MM scale, we’ll help to minimise manufacturing risks.

Partner Network

Tailored solutions for particular requirements. Our partners offer specialised applications and hardware solutions to create a perfect product.


Custom Engineering Services

We love solving complex problems.

We specialize in bringing computer vision products to market quickly through our bespoke engineering services.  Our engineering teams can be booked by the month to accelerate development of your computer vision product.

Our engineers are specialists in computer vision AI and image tuning, and experts in the miniaturization of cameras.


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