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Start your computer vision project with Oclea™ System on Modules and get to market faster.


Oclea™ EVK.

The Oclea™ EVK is built from a range of pre-approved image, lens, network connectivity and peripheral options and provides everything your software team needs to start development immediately. It's compatible with all Oclea™ SoM's through its standardised pin layout.

The royalty free SDK, as part of the EVK has a complete suite of demonstrable applications, and all of this is supported by Customisation and Engineering support options.

Product Range

Oclea™ SoM.

Using a System on Module accelerates your design process by reducing the risk and complexity of integrating SoC's and peripherals, allowing your team to focus engineering resources on product application and market differentiation.

The Oclea™ SoM, utilizing Ambarella™’s CVflow architecture and advanced CNN/DNN capabilities, will operate directly inside your future camera, reducing latency and opening up opportunities for new computer vision applications in your market.

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Oclea™ SoM
product range.

Powered by an Ambarella™ SoC processor, Oclea™ SoMs are equipt with FLASH and DRAM ready for integration into your next product.

Two Oclea™ SoM's are now available in market, the S5L µSoM (utilising the Ambarella™ S5L SoC) and the CV22 SoM (utilising the Ambarella™ CV22 SoC).



Imager combinations

Pre-tuned and pre-calibrated imager combinations for the Oclea™ SoM to choose from. Rolling and global shutter sensors with different lens options tailored to your application.


A full suite of support and customisation services are available to compliment your Oclea™ development process.

This includes:
- SDK support services through the Oclea™ support portal
- Image fine tuning and calibration in our fully equipped in-house image lab
- Hardware design support through our platform and validation services
- Manufacturing support with our automation tools

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