The Oclea Universal Evaluation Kit

Discover how the Oclea Universal Evaluation Kit can give you a head start in developing your products.

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The Oclea™ Universal Evaluation Kit (EVK) makes evaluating and developing smart camera products using Oclea™ System on Modules (SoMs) simple. Includes an A5 breakout board, SoMs, the ZEUS camera, image sensors and a FRAMOS Pixelmate adapter.

Everything you need to jumpstart your vision system product development including:

Software Development Kit (SDK)

The Oclea SDK is a Yocto Linux-based development framework for rapid development of smart camera and vision-based applications.  With easy-to-use demonstration applications that include full-source code for a variety of common use cases.  Advanced image processing, depth-perception, de-warping, video encoding and streaming, and video analytics, computer vision and AI algorithm processing examples to allow your team to start immediate development.  

Support and Additional Services

Our online support portal allows fast and easy searching through application notes, datasheets, and API descriptions, and dedicated engineering support is only an email away with our online Support Desk. Our Partners offer a free design review service for all our customers developing their own electronics using our SoM components.  Advanced engineering services options including ISP and Image Tuning, AI network porting, or product design services can be requested though our partners, and our Sales team will contact you to discuss your requirements directly.

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What's in the box

All the components in one place to accelerate your vision system evaluation and rapid prototyping requirements.

SoMs & Board

Oclea EVK Baseboard

Oclea CV22 µSoM and Baseboard Adapter 

Oclea 32x32mm Baseboard Adapter

Oclea CV25 µSoM

Oclea CV28 µSoM

Oclea S5L µSoM

Learn more about Oclea SoMs

Image Components

Oclea IMX327 Image Sensor

Oclea IMX415 Image Sensor

Oclea-FRAMOS Pixelmate Adapter

Framos IMX412 Image Sensor

Oclea HDMI-MIPI Adapter 

Oclea ZEUS Camera

Selection of Wide and Narrow Angle Lenses

Accessories & Software

All cables required to power and program

Quickstart Guide

Oclea SDK (Download)

Oclea Support Portal Assistance

Schematics and Reference Designs

What else is needed?

For download and use of the Oclea™ SDK, a signed & executed Software Licence Agreement (SLA) is required.  A request for signing will be sent to the email used to purchase the EVK, and an account on the Oclea™ support portal will be generated for further communication.

General Specifications


10/100/1000MB Ethernet Connector
USB 2.0 Host with 4 Port Hub
Micro and Regular SD Card Connectors


12VDC Power Input
Battery Connector CR2032 for RTC Backup
Onboard 5V and 3V3 Power Rails for Hardware Development and Debugging
5A Range High Side Current Probe on SoM
5V Power Supply for System Power Measurement


Oclea™ Hydra Image Sensor Connector


Full Size HDMI Output
RCA Composite CVBS Output
VOUT Header
MIPI/DSI Out Header


Stereo 48KHz Audio Codec with Line IN/OUT, Headphone, MIC, Mono Speaker Connection


USB Slave Serial Debug Port
JTAG Header
IO Expander 12C 16 port TCA9539PWR and IO Debug Headers
Two (2) RS232 UART ports
One (1) RS485 port
PIR Sensor Input Connector
Infrared IR Receiver TSOP34838
LED Driver AL8860 1A with Dimming