Teknique Demonstrates Two Ambarella-based SoMs at ISC West

05 April, 2019

New ready-to-go camera modules improve time to market for vision enabled products

Las Vegas, 04 April 2019 – Teknique, the solutions provider for vision-enabled products, will demonstrate two new Ambarella™-based SoMs (System on Module) from its Oclea™ range at ISC West, 10-12 April. The S5L µSoM and CV22 SoM provide manufacturers with a ready-to-go camera module solution that accelerates the design process and reduces the risk and complexity of SoC integration.

All Oclea™ SoMs have flexible API access to the Ambarella SoC and the CV22 SoM utilizes Ambarella’s CVflowTM architecture and advanced CNN/DNN capabilities, reducing edge inference latency and creating new application opportunities in a variety of markets.

The new SoMs offer manufacturers more powerful image processing capability directly in the camera. Processing video ‘on the edge’ of the network reduces time delays or latency as no external data processing is required, an advantage for products requiring real-time decision making such as autonomous vehicles, industrial and commercial automation, and professional security.

“Our new Ambarella-based SoMs enable customers to deliver their vision-enabled products to market faster by allowing product engineering teams to spend less time on camera platform development and focus more on their product application end-user experience,”says Ben Bodley, CEO, Teknique. “We established Oclea so customers can benefit from our more than 15 years development experience, allowing them to reduce the risk and complexity of integrating complex SoCs and peripherals.”

The ready-made SoMs utilise a standards-based SDK API interface to the high quality Ambarella SoC, together with hardware accelerated CNN and advanced ISP functionality, opening the door to designers and manufacturers of medium and lower volume products to participate through lower MOQs.

Oclea™ SoMs are aimed at commercial customers wanting to upgrade older camera technology to include edge AI and system integrators developing broad communications and analytics solutions for industrial, commercial, and government markets which require video and image processing capability.

Key features include:

S5L µSoM – Available now

Ambarella S5L66 SoC with Integrated SecureBoot 8GB eMMC and 1GB DRAM
Flexible image sensor options from Sony, Omnivision, On-Semi, and others
Image performance up to 4Kp30 + 480p AVC/HEVC
CV22 SoM - Available June

Ambarella CV22 SoC with Integrated TrustZone 8GB eMMC and 1GB DRAM
Built-in Stereo audio codec, uSD card, and dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1
Built-in hardware acceleration for CNN networks using CVFlow™
Image performance up to 4Kp30 + 1080p30 + 4Kp1 AVC/HEVC
Teknique is holding live demos at the Venetian during ICS West. To make an appointment, please contact