Teknique announces the Oclea Access Control RDK

14 December, 2022

Teknique, a leading Vision Systems developer has released the Oclea™ Access Control Reference Design Kit. Reliable and fast face-recognition at the edge is changing the nature and scope of security applications and the Oclea RDK is designed to remove the risk and friction from developing vision-based biometric identity products using Edge A.I.

Biometric Access Control systems create a secure and contactless safeguard for critical areas in commercial and industrial spaces; reduce cost and overhead for managing lost key cards; and enhance the customer experience in the hospitality sector. The ability to have smart camera products process biometric data at the edge greatly enhances the power and flexibility of applications and expands use cases.

Teknique’s founder and CTO Ben Bodley says the speed of development in this emerging market means companies are under pressure to accelerate their product development and the Oclea Access Control RDK can help them jumpstart their product prototyping. 

“Our RDK combines our experience in developing Ambarella-based smart camera products with our hardware and  software specifically designed to accelerate entry into this emerging market. The included Oclea OS provides demonstration software and an easy pathway for implementing your custom application. Together with sector-leading Face Recognition partners we provide a platform for secure access control with 3D anti-spoofing. Our validated design ensures all components of your final product work together to accelerate time-to-value for your innovation.”

The Oclea Access Control RDK is among the products Teknque will be showing at CES in January 2023.